Epilogue: “Whales in Cincinnati” in Leviathan

The perfect epilogue to this blog about the two Moby-Dick exhibitions in Cincinnati in 2016 is the review that Dawn Coleman published in the March 2017 issue of Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies.  Dawn, who is Director of Graduate Programs in the English Department of the University of Tennessee, had driven from Knoxville to Cincinnati to see the opening of both shows on the weekend of April 22-23.  Seeing the 2-man show at the the Contemporary Arts Center, followed by the 9-woman show at the Marta Hewett Gallery, inspired her to write her first-ever piece of art criticism.

Dawn Coleman at the Contemporary Arts Center, April 22, 2016

Her in-depth knowledge of Melville and her innate eye for pictorial art resulted in an review/essay that does justice to the achievements of each artist individually as well as in relation to the rich tradition of interpreting Moby-Dick pictorially.  The artists themselves as well as my co-curators fully share my deep appreciation for her ability to articulate so much of what we were hoping to achieve.;

Coleman Whales in Cincinnati

This entry completes my third book-length in blog in three years.  I had not expected to start up a new one right way, but things are happening with Emily Dickinson at NKU and Herman Melville in London that will have me launching a new e-voyage soon.


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